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Re-Roofing the Oakbrook Village Condominiums

Have you ever caught yourself spending a lot of money repairing something over and over again? We’ve all been there. There’s that moment you compare the cost of repair to the cost of replacement. Initially, everyone knows that the cost of repair is the cheaper alternative. However, in the long run most people realize that the repair bills keep coming. Soon enough, you find yourself knee-deep in repair bills that outweigh the cost of replacement. Sometimes, it’s more economical to scrap what’s old and buy something new.

The Oakbrook Village Condominiums are a perfect example where the cost of repairs outweigh the cost of replacement.  Thirty two years after the condominiums were built, the property managers found themselves spending too much money on roof repair maintenance. After talking with Rainbow Roofing Solutions, the property managers decided that it was most cost effective to scrap twelve worn-out rooftops and completely replace them with new roofing materials.

For these twelve buildings, some roofs were flat and some were mansard style. Rainbow Roofing used TPO materials from Dow Building Solutions to completely re-roof each building. Today, the Oakbrook Village Condominiums have new, sturdy rooftops that will last for the next thirty two years without foreseeable repair bills. These twelve new rooftops show how sometimes it’s more economical to scrap what’s old and buy something new.

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Hans van Grondell Vice President, City National Bank, Miami, Florida

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Joann Rohm Property Manager, Mediterranean Village

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Beverley McGinley Vice President, Breakers Condominium, Inc