A Palm Beach Roofing Company You Can Trust

Does your building really need a new roof? At the first sign of trouble many roofing companies would have you believe that the only answer is a brand new roof, but there’s one minor problem with that solution: depending on the size of your structure, a new roof can cost a lot of money. You may want to follow the advice often given to people when told they need a medical procedure: it sometimes pays to get a second opinion.

Florida’s climate can be hard on roofing materials – especially if your building’s roof has a flat configuration. Sun, rain, and wind can all combine to prematurely age many roofing products and a violent storm may damage even the best installations. While a total replacement is sometimes the best choice, your Florida roof might only need a restoration to become functional once again. It only makes good sense to ask several roofing contractors in Palm Beach to take a look at your building and discuss your options — it could even save you quite a bit of money.

Choose a Specialist for your Roof Repair in Palm Beach

While quite a few of south Florida’s homes are very large, there’s still a distinct difference in many of the roofing materials and installation methods used on them and the area’s commercial buildings. The expanse of roof exposed to the weather and a lack of pitch often dictates that membranes and coatings be used on commercial roofing in Palm Beach – materials that residential roofing companies may rarely use and that they could lack knowledge about proper installation methods. It’s always best to choose a commercial specialist for your building’s roofing needs.

Rainbow Roofing is a Premier Palm Beach Roofing Company

Rainbow Roofing has been specializing in restorations, repairs, and new installations for Florida’s commercial buildings for over 30 years. Our highly trained technicians have the expertise to examine your roof during a free inspection to determine if restoration is an option that could extend the life of your existing roof and save you the expense of a new installation. Even if you need a new roof, they offer many materials that may be able to reduce your cooling costs by reflecting the sun’s heat away from the roof of your building. Get an estimate from Rainbow Roofing for your roofing needs and find out why they’re a leading Palm Beach roofing company. Contact us today.