What Florida Building Owners Should Look for in Roofing Coatings

South Florida home and building owners who have lived in the state for any length of time know that their roofs can often be subjected to extreme weather conditions – high winds and torrential rain are a part of life in our tropical climate. So when choosing a roof coating for your structure, what characteristics should the material have? Whether you have a pitched residential style roof or a low-slope commercial surface, the ability to keep your building dry and remain in place during strong winds are definitely desirable traits.

However, what about South Florida’s sun and the impact it can have on your cooling costs – is there an energy efficient roofing material that can help with that issue? The best solution to deciding which roof covering might be best for your application is to consult with one of the leading roofing contractors in Florida Rainbow – Roofing Solutions.

Rainbow Roofing has 25 years experience installing roof coverings on buildings and homes in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas. Like most roofing contractors in Florida we understand your roof needs to be wind resistant and waterproof, but we also believe in using energy efficient roofing materials that can lower your energy costs.

We’re THE Florida Roofing Company When You Want Energy Efficient Roofing

As one of the Florida roofing contractors considered to be at the forefront of energy efficient roofing material installations, Rainbow Roofing will have our skilled technicians inspect your roof to determine which covering might be best suited for your application. We often suggest shingles, tile, or metal for pitched roofs due to their durability and attractive appearance. Low-slope and flat roofs that don’t drain water as quickly are good candidates for TPO or PVC membranes and cold tar pitch can also be a good choice for these architectural designs.

However, we’ll also recommend products within these covering categories that can help reflect the sun away from your roof and assist in lowering your cooling costs during a hot South Florida summer. We’re an eco-friendly Florida roofing company that will help you choose the best roof covering for your building and provide a professional installation. Call us today for a free roof estimate.