A Premier Miami Roofing Company for a World-Class City

When you think of Miami, Roofing may not be the first thing to come to mind. Whether you’re a recent transplant or a long time resident, Miami is a city with much to offer. First-rate professional sports teams, outstanding schools and universities, and a flourishing fine arts scene can all be found within the borders of Miami – Dade County. Local restaurants and clubs are world-renowned and if you’re a water enthusiast, it may be difficult to beat the beauty of Biscayne Bay and its national park.

However, if there’s one item that’s most associated with Miami, it’s probably the city’s inviting tropical climate and abundant sunshine. People flocked to Miami to escape harsh northern winters during the city’s earliest days and the trend continues even today.

While that sun may feel good as you lay by the pool, the frequent summer rains and pounding sun may wreak havoc with your roof. Sunlight can prematurely age roofing materials, increase cooling costs, and a roof leak may quickly lead to expensive repairs. Ensure your home is protected by calling Rainbow Roofing, a Miami roofing company well known for our outstanding customer service and quality workmanship.

Energy Efficient Solutions from One of the Leading Residential Roofing Contractors in Miami

Rainbow Roofing has been a premier Miami roofing company for over 30 years. While we company handle new installations on all types of residential and commercial structures, we are perhaps best known as one of the leading contractors in Miami for flat roof applications and eco-friendly roofing solutions. Our white roof coatings can reflect 70% to 80% percent of the sun’s heat, which may result in lower cooling costs for your home or business. Rainbow Roofing also offers energy saving materials for pitched roofs such as GAF’s Timberline “Cool Series” shingles.

The Choice for Miami Roof Repairs

Damage from the sun or storms, doesn’t always require a new roof – in many cases a simple repair is all that’s needed. Rainbow Roofing can give your home or business a free roof inspection if you suspect there may be problems and does roof repairs in Miami and the surrounding area. We also offer emergency service any time of the day or night for roof repairs in Miami that may prevent costly interior water damage. Contact us today.