Expert Roofing in Hollywood

As a Hollywood business owner, you know that one of the keys to being successful in a challenging economy is watching where every penny goes. How much of your operating budget do you spend each month on cooling costs? If you’re like many other companies in Florida, keeping the heat and humidity under control can be an expensive daily battle.

Take a look at your building’s roof – how much do you think that large expanse of dark roofing material contributes to that monthly cooling cost? Dark colors absorb the sun’s heat and increase the load on your building’s cooling system. When it’s time for repairs or a new roof to be installed, Contact Rainbow Roofing, the energy efficiency expert among roofing contractor in Hollywood.

THE Florida Roofing Company for Energy Efficient Roofing Materials

What makes Rainbow Roofing special? We’re the Florida roofing company that has made installing energy efficient roofing materials our specialty. After over 30 years of doing repairs and installing new roofs in our state’s unique climate, we understand the importance of installing materials that not only protect your building from the region’s sometimes violent storms, but also from its famous sunshine.

Our white roof coatings for commercial buildings reflect away much of the sun’s heat and ultra-violet rays and that can result in lower energy costs. Depending on your building’s size and the local electricity rate, your annual savings can be in the thousands of dollars – a reduction that’s sure to be noticed at your annual budget meeting.

Choosing a Company for your Commercial Roofing in Hollywood

While choosing a contractor that specializes in energy efficient materials is an important consideration for your commercial roofing in Hollywood, what other qualities should you look for? How about a company that provides a free roof inspection and discusses your options before the project starts? Many roofing issues can be solved with repairs or a restoration and can avoid or postpone the expense of installing a new roof.

However, while we’re proud of our ability to provide outstanding customer service from the beginning of the project through completion, there’s another part of Rainbow Roofing’s reputation that we may value even more: the high-quality workmanship produced by our team of experienced and skillful roofing technicians on every project we undertake. Contact us today.