THE Hallandale Roofing Company for Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions

Do you keep a record of monthly expenses? Whether you own a business or a home, you’re probably well aware of the fact that one of the keys to getting ahead financially is keeping a close eye on your budget. And if you live in southern Florida, you know that energy costs can be one of your largest annual expenditures. What if there was a way to keep some of that money in your pocket?

The Leading Roofing Contractor in Hallandale for over 30 Years
Rainbow Roofing is one of the premier roofing contractors in Hallandale and a big reason for their success is the energy efficient roofing solutions they offer for their residential and commercial customers. It’s no secret that south Florida can get fairly hot during the summer months and while that famous sunshine might feel pretty good at the beach or on the golf course, it isn’t doing your roof any favors. Between the sun, heat, and occasional large storms that blow through, your Hallandale roof can take a beating.

Rainbow Roofing: A Florida Roofing Company that Knows the Local Climate
What can Rainbow Roofing do to help your monthly budget? How about reflective roof coatings and shingles that when installed on your roof, can reduce your home or buildings’ cooling load? It’s common knowledge that dark colors absorb heat, so why would you want them on the portion of your structure that’s closest to the sun? Rainbow Roofing’s white roof coatings reflect away the sun’s heat and depending on your building size and electric rate, that can result in thousands of dollars in annual energy saving. Rainbow Roofing is a Florida roofing company that understands the local weather.

The Experts for all Types of Commercial Roofing in Hallandale
While Rainbow Roofing is well known for their new roof installations, they also do all types of repairs and restorations on commercial roofs. Why incur the expense of a new roof if your existing roofing materials can be repaired or restored to a condition where they can continue to protect your building for the next several years. Rainbow Roofing’s free roof inspection by experienced technicians can give you an accurate assessment of your existing roof’s condition and provide options based on the building’s needs and your budget. Outstanding customer service is just one more reason why Rainbow Roofing is considered the leader in commercial roofing in Hallandale. Contact us today.