Florida’s Top Foam Roofing Contractor

Foam roofing provides an inexpensive waterproof seal for your building that can also increase the roof’s insulation value and may lower your cooling costs. Depending on the application, the product may be able to lower your building’s energy costs by as much as 30%.

As one of the top foam roofing contractors in Florida, our skilled technicians can handle commercial projects of any size in Miami, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and the surrounding areas. We have expertise in new construction applications, but can also take care of foam roofing repairs and re-roofing projects. Our over 30 years of experience as a Florida roofing company that uses only our own crews ensures your building will receive an expert installation free of voids or low points.

Foam Roofing Materials And Roof Repair Services

Foam roofing is applied in liquid form so it can be an excellent choice for low-slope roofs with nooks that may be difficult to cover with conventional roofing materials. The material is very light weight which makes it a good selection for older buildings and some foam roofing products can withstand winds up to 300 mph – an asset in areas that may be subjected to strong storms. However, not all commercial buildings are good candidates for the material as it can be damaged by foot traffic and birds or small animals.

Rainbow Roofing’s experience as one of the leading foam roofing contractors in Florida enables us to inspect your building to determine whether foam roofing is the best choice for your application. We’re a Florida roofing company that believes in eco-friendly roofing solutions so we may have other energy saving materials that are more suitable for your building.

Rainbow Roofing is a premier Florida roofing company offering a number of options for commercial building owners seeking budget friendly and low maintenance solutions for their roofing needs. Call us today for an estimate.