Looking To Install A Reflective Roofing System?

Rainbow Roofing has been installing reflective roofing systems in Miami, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale for over 30 years. Our expert technicians are licensed, insured and qualified to install new roofing and perform roof replacement in all types of situations. We are a flat roof specialist and offer a series of energy efficient thermoplastic roofing solutions including PVC and TPO membrane roofing. Rainbow Roofing will assist you in choosing the sustainable technology that will reduce your building operational costs through energy savings and FPL rebates.

Few contractors in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County can match our years of service and expertise when it comes to energy efficient roofing. Call us today for an estimate.

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Make Solar Part Of Your Energy Efficient Roofing System

As electricity rates rise, companies and individuals are more determined than ever to find innovative ways to reduce energy costs. There are enormous opportunities for companies to reduce costs through the application of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Rainbow Roofing Solutions is one of the few Florida roofing companies offering turn-key solutions to implement solar energy and cool roof systems.

Solar Panels – Roof Shingles And Energy Solutions

Rainbow Roofing Solutions technicians will analyze your site requirements to determine the most effective solar solution for you. Our roofing and construction experts work in conjunction with our solar experts to develop the most site-appropriate solution. We’ll maximize your return on investment while retaining the integrity of your building.

Rainbow Roofing Solutions works with major manufacturers of renewable energy products to deliver the most competitive solutions for your needs. We only choose high quality, reliable, safe, and reputable products and technologies from the most regarded manufacturers and suppliers to ensure excellence at every level of the project.

We are committed to providing the most cost-effective solar panel technology that will save you money, protect you from increasing electricity rates, and reduce your impact on the environment. With new tax credits, incentives, and rebate programs, solar energy and energy conservation projects are more affordable than ever before. Our full-service solutions include site analysis, system design and layout, installation, system monitoring, and the administration of all incentives and rebates.

We work with our strategic partners in the legal, accounting, and regulatory fields to navigate the increasingly complex state, federal, and utility regulations and incentive programs to best serve our clients in ways that are practical, environmentally conscious and cost effective.

Why Solar Is The Right Choice For South Florida

  • Solar panels are a proven and durable energy solution
  • State and federal government rebates are available
  • Initial investment can produce a high return in a relatively short time
  • Solar Energy is an environmentally friendly an energy source that will create positive PR for your business
  • Our Plug-and-Play Solar Energy Systems make it easy for your business to enjoy the benefits of Solar Energy
  • Solar Energy provides the single largest impact a business can have on protecting our planet and preserving our precious natural resources.
  • Solar can protect you against rising electricity costs
  • Solar can increase the resale value of your business

Ask About Our Florida Roofing Solutions Including Solar Panels

If you are looking for roofing contractors and solar energy solutions, Rainbow Roofing Solutions has the expertise when it comes to energy efficient roofing.
Call us today for an estimate and we’ll help you find out what federal and state incentives are available.