Before Choosing a Broward Roofing Company – Do Your Homework

How do you go about hiring a roofing company? There are numerous roofing contractors in Broward County listed in the phone book – how can you possibly narrow the choices down? Actually it might be easier than you think – it all comes down to reputation, experience, and having the right materials to do the job. That’s why Rainbow Roofing is one of the premier roofing contractors in South Florida.

Depending on the size of your building, having a new roof installed can be a major investment – a good reason for ensuring that it’s done right the first time. When you call other business owners for contractor recommendations, don’t be surprised if one Florida roofing company in particular keeps getting mentioned – Rainbow Roofing has been installing commercial roofs in Florida for over 30 years and has a well-earned reputation for providing outstanding service.

Broward County’s Experts in Eco-Friendly Materials for Commercial Roofing

What does your building’s roof have in common with every other commercial roof in Florida? While architectural styles might differ and roofs may be pitched or flat, all commercial roofing in Broward County must deal with the region’s unrelenting sunshine. The very attraction that makes Florida a vacation wonderland can be extremely tough on your building’s roof and your company’s bottom line. That’s because a hot roof often translates to higher cooling costs – a major concern regardless of your building’s size.

Fortunately, Rainbow Roofing can provide a solution: energy efficient materials for commercial roofing in Broward. We have white roof coatings for flat and low-slope roofs that reflect away much of the sun’s heat. While your savings can vary depending on building size and the rate you pay for electricity, annual energy cost reductions in the thousands of dollars aren’t unusual. If your building has a pitched roof, we can help there as well. Rainbow Roofing installs GAF Timberline Cool Series reflective shingles that have earned the government’s coveted Energy Star rating.

Reputation, experience, and the right materials for the job – three reasons why Rainbow Roofing should be on the short list of roofing contractors in Broward being considered for your project.