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King’s Point Condominiums Rooftop Replacement

If you have lived in Florida, you know the procedures when getting ready for a hurricane.

  1. Increase amount of canned food and bottled water in pantry
  2. Increase amount of gasoline stored in garage
  3. Cover every window of building with plywood
  4. Install metal shutters for next hurricane season

In a storm, uncovered windows are vulnerable to breaking because of flying debris picked up in the wind. Unfortunately, windows are not fun to cover with plywood. If you don’t have metal shutters already installed on your house, you definitely understand #3 and #4 on the procedure list. Without a doubt, covering up every window of the building will help protect your family during a hurricane.

The next vulnerable part of a building is the rooftop. There is no guaranteed procedure to prevent rooftop damage during a hurricane. The King’s Point Condominiums in Delray Beach Florida received significant rooftop damage during Hurricane Wilma in 2005. After an inspection from Rainbow Roofing Solutions, it was decided that this was a rooftop replacement project because of the extensive damage. Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) by Carlisle Syntec was the main roofing material used to replace the rooftop.

Is it possible to prevent an entire rooftop replacement?

Rainbow Roofing Solutions is here to provide residential and commercial property owners with a nearly hurricane-proof course of action. We offer a Preventative Maintenance program where professionals will inspect your rooftop for wear and tear and fix the potential issues immediately. These wear and tear issues on your roof can be disastrous in a storm that has wind furiously whipping around at 150 mph. With the Preventative Maintenance program, it’s possible to prevent rooftop disasters like at the King’s Point Condominiums.

For more information on weatherproof roofing and help preparing for the next hurricane season, contact Marc directly at 888-788-3716 or email him at today.

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