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Rainbow Roofing’s Capital Maintenance Program

In July of 2015, Rainbow Roofing Solutions went to Meadowbrook Condominiums in Hallandale Beach to do there scheduled Capital Maintenance Program and good thing they did. They found that repair and maintenance costs were exceeding their annual budgeted reserves necessitating replacement as a cost saving strategy. So the solution was to use Carlisle Sure-Weld TPO.

What is a Capital Maintenance Program? Glad you asked… here is a list of what is included in our program:

  • Cleaning of roof area, including drains and scuppers and any other trash and/or debris.
  • Close inspection of drains and scuppers for defects, and repair of any that might be found. Cleaning and application of reflective coating to seal and protect the waterproofing membrane in these areas.
  • Inspection of all roof penetrations, making of necessary repairs and application of coating.
  • Inspection of pitch pockets for cracking or separation of sealants, and repair and application of coating as needed.
  • Checking of all flashings on interior and exterior parapet walls, especially at angle changes. Repairing and re-coating where necessary.
  • Checking of sealants along the top edges of metal counter-flashings on walls and curbs and application of sealant as required.
  • Inspection of all exposed masonry for cracks or defects and repairing and applying sealant where necessary.
  • Inspection of A/C locations for any damage from service personnel and making repairs where necessary.
  • Checking of refrigerant line to ensure insulation is intact and weatherproofing the pitch pan or goose neck vent through which they enter the building. Replacing or repairing of insulation as required.
  • Spreading of gravel (where applicable) to ensure underlying membranes are not exposed to ultra-violet damage where the gravel might have been scattered by wind.
  • Documentation and archiving of all site conditions for future reference using digital imagery.

READ MORE about our Preventive Maintenance Programs, then call Marc at 888-788-3716 to find out more.

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“Ours was a large project, professionally handled by Rainbow Roofing. No doubt about it, Rainbow is our choice for any future work!”

Hans van Grondell Vice President, City National Bank, Miami, Florida

“…we have had several different roofing contractors replace roofs over the years, but no one has stood behind their work or warranties. I would highly recommend your company and workmen to anyone needing roofing work.”

Joann Rohm Property Manager, Mediterranean Village

“What a pleasure dealing with your concern, Rainbow Roofing. Everyone was most polite and professional. We are very satisfied with the end results and would highly recommend your company.”

Beverley McGinley Vice President, Breakers Condominium, Inc