commercial roofing Miami

Commercial Roofing Miami

If you’re a Miami property manager or owner of a business property then you are probably already aware of the Miami commercial roofing issues that can plague virtually any structure’s roof in our beautiful, sunny city. Our tropical climate, the very reason that Miami is so attractive as a place to live, can present serious challenges to roofs on both commercial and residential structures.

The heat and UV rays from our blazing summer sun can prematurely age and damage roofing materials particularly on flat roofs which dominate commercial properties. Next up are the torrential downpours and hurricane strength winds that will test the integrity of a roof and create serious damage if the roof fails. The life of a commercial roof in Miami is not an easy one.

Miami Commercial Roofing – It’s About More than Keeping the Rain Out

Rainbow Roofing’s team of expert commercial roofing contractors have been the leading Miami roofing contractors for over 30 years. While we do new installations and repairs on all types of roofs our reputation has been built on our work with commercial flat roofs. Protecting your building from the rain and the elements is obviously a basic function of a roof. But in Miami, keeping the cool inside your building can be just as important.

Energy costs associated with air conditioning can be huge and that’s why so many Miami commercial property owners have turned to Rainbow Roofing and its white reflective roof coating. Our energy efficient, eco-friendly white coating can reflect 70% – 80% of the sun’s heat rather than absorbing and transferring it to the interior of the structure. Property owners who have flat roofs with white coatings can potentially save significantly on their air conditioning bill.

For businesses that have pitched roofs we have energy saving products for them as well like GAF’s Timberline “Cool Series” shingles. We have the experience, materials, equipment and most importantly the skilled installers to provide an energy efficient, environmentally friendly roofing solution for any roof in the greater Miami area.

Will You Be Singing “My Roof Has A Leak In It And I Might Drown”

Don’t let this old folk tune become your commercial property’s theme song. Roofing is serious business in Miami. You don’t know what you need until you know what you have. Why not call us at 888-788-3716 or contact us online to schedule a free roof inspection today.