Why Get Your Roof Inspected?

A regular roof inspection is an essential component of proper roof management. Alongside a routine preventative maintenance program, roof inspections can reduce the severity and frequency of leaks, extend the life of your roof, and help to avoid expensive roof replacement. They are also an invaluable method for locating the source of leaks after storm damage occurs. In the event your roof needs extensive restoration or replacement, an inspection can help make an accurate diagnosis.

Visual inspections should take place periodically depending upon the history and condition of the roof. A visual inspection should assess the sheet-metal flashings, drains, and gutters. Inspections should also include non-invasive techniques like the use of infrared technology to confirm the presence of moisture.

What to Expect From Your FREE Roof Inspection

At Rainbow Roofing, all projects begin with a comprehensive roof inspection. An expertly trained technician will visit your home or business to perform an assessment. Using moisture sensitive diagnostic equipment, they can locate trouble areas before they become larger systemic issues requiring extensive repair.

They will then prepare a comprehensive inspection report. This will include photographic data detailing your roof’s condition, an explanation of existing problems, and recommendations for a cost-effective repair. This exhaustive roof inspection is a courtesy to our customers.

After you receive your free roof inspection, you are still under no obligation to purchase. It’s all part of what our customers call the “Rainbow Experience”.

Through our commitment to service and passion for innovative technologies, we have been satisfying customers for 30+ years. If you are looking for a roofing contractor that has a superior service history serving South Florida Florida, contact us to claim your comprehensive roof inspection and analysis.