How much do you know about energy efficient roofing materials? If you’re a Florida home, condo, or commercial building owner, using reflective roof coatings can be a good way to save a few dollars on your annual cooling costs and may even qualify you for a power company rebate.

Why Energy Efficient Roofing Materials Matter in Ft Lauderdale

There’s a very good reason why Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” – winters are usually very pleasant and summers can be downright hot. While the abundant heat can be great for golfing, boating, or just working in your yard, it can wreck havoc on your home’s annual cooling costs. Fortunately, roofing manufacturers have created several types of energy efficient roofing materials that can help reflect the sun’s heat away from your home or building and may contribute to lower energy usage during Ft Lauderdale’s torrid summer months.

How Do Reflective Roof Coatings Work?

There are many different types of roofing materials and the selection that works best for your home or building is often determined by its’ roof design. Roofs with a significant slope or pitch that permits water to run off quickly may use shingles, metal panels, or tile to protect the structure. However, if your home or building has a low-slope or almost flat roof surface, a waterproof membrane is normally the best choice.
Regardless of what architectural style you may have, older roofing products often absorb the sun’s heat and cause cooling systems to work overtime in an effort to overcome the temperature increase in attics and on upper floors. Today’s reflective roof coatings use various technologies to prevent much of that radiant heat from ever entering your home or building.

What is White Reflective Roofing?

Many condo and commercial buildings and even some residual homes have vast expanse of low slope roofs covered with black rubber membrane that serves as a magnet for the sun’s radiant heat. White reflective roofing is an energy efficient alternative for these roofs that absorbs much less heat than darker products and also reflects away many of the sun’s rays. Some varieties have earned Energy Star ratings from the Department of Energy and may qualify your building for a rebate from the Florida Power and Light Company.
Of course, energy efficient roofing materials are only as good as their installation. If you’re considering white reflective roofing or any other type of reflective roof coatings for your Ft Lauderdale home or building, use a premier Florida roofing contractor such as Rainbow Roofing.