Why TPO Membrane is Ideal for Low-slope Florida Roofing

While it may be difficult to see what’s going on up there, in all likelihood your condo roofing isn’t enjoying Florida’s weather quite as much as you. The state’s abundant sunshine and high humidity can be very tough on many roofing materials – especially those used on the low-slope surfaces prevalent on so many Ft. Lauderdale condo buildings. Fortunately, there’s a solution that provides durability while withstanding just about any test local weather can produce: TPO membrane.

What is TPO Membrane?

Imagine a roofing material that can provide the long lasting service that EPDM membrane is known for, but without the Achilles ’ heel of seams that may eventually weaken and leak. TPO membrane is that product – its seams are considered to be 3 to 4 times stronger than those on an EPDM roof. In fact, some roofing contractors in Ft. Lauderdale consider them to be so strong that TPO membrane is sometimes classified as a seamless roofing product.

In addition, TPO membrane is resistant to tears and punctures – good news for condo owners when strong storms pass through the Ft. Lauderdale area. The product is also considered to be environmentally friendly and resistant to algae buildup.

TPO Membrane and Condo Roofing

Many of Florida’s condo buildings have low-slope or almost flat roofs. Unlike a steeper pitched roof, which allows water to quickly run off its surface, a low-slope roof often holds standing water after a rain for quite some time. While the moisture will eventually drain or evaporate, it can often discover the weak points in a roofing system while it’s there and that can lead to expensive interior repairs. How strong are the membrane seams on your condo roofing? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to TPO roofing.

How Long will TPO Membrane Last?

There are several methods used when installing TPO membrane. It can be ballasted or mechanically attached, but the most common and economical application for condo roofing is to use a special adhesive to attach the material to the building’s sheathing. While the installation method, weather, and roof pitch can all affect the material’s longevity, it’s not unusual for TPO membrane roofs to last as long as 20 years. Of course, just like any roofing material it’s only as good as its installation. If you’re considering having TPO installed on your condo building, get estimates from reputable roofing contractors in Ft. Lauderdale such as Rainbow Roofing that have extensive experience with the product and a reputation for outstanding customer service.

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