A home is a place where we live with our loved ones and where we enjoy most of life’s happiest moments. So it is very important that we care for our home as we do for our family members and loved ones. Owning a home requires significant investment and sometimes your entire life’s earnings. It may be built to last but requires ongoing maintenance such as cleaning, painting, plumbing, electrical work, and roofing. Such maintenance adds more life to your home and ensures it lasts even longer so your children and grandchildren can cherish all the old and good memories.

Cleaning and maintaining your home is important in daily life and is likely part of your routine. One of the most important areas that requires regular maintenance is the roof of your home. This is required to ensure it withstands the test of time.  The natural aging process of your roof and the effects of various weather conditions, such as harsh sun, humidity, rain, and wind, over the years will determine when you will need to replace your roof.  However, there are several actions one can take to delay this need for a new roof including cleaning, maintaining, and possibly some repairing.

Most people often ignore the roof of their home when it comes to cleaning and maintenance often because it is not an easy to reach area. Therefore we fail to even check if anything is broken or any part of the roof is damaged. However, upkeeping your roof should never be a frustrating and painful experience.   There are many things that you can do to ensure that the maintenance, and periodic repair, is done at your own terms and at your own speed making it less of a painful and strenuous endeavor.

You should be aware of the initial signs of the changing condition of your roof so that you will be able to spot the small things that can develop into big things if not attended to and be the cause of sleepless nights.  Hiring a qualified roofing contractor is the most effective way of avoiding the painful experience of having to deal with the consequences of a roof leak and the costly repairs associated with the clean up.  However, some of the initial signs that your roof is changing are easy to spot yourself.  Discoloration of the roof tile or shingle is a sure sign of aging and a visual reminder that your roof is under constant attack from the elements.  The odor of dampness or mustiness is another example of a sign that all is not fine with your roof even if you are not seeing any water stains or wet spots on the floor or carpeting.  Any one of these signs should prompt you to call in a professional to perform a thorough inspection and advise how you can proactively prevent the unseen deterioration in your roof.  Proaction keeps your roof in optimum condition.

Once initial inspection and repairs have been performed, the very best thing you as a homeowner can do is to engage your professional to perform maintenance inspections on a periodic basis.  The cost will be minimal and will go a long way toward making the maintenance of your roof less painful by fixing little things at small cost before they develop into big things and become financially painful.  This can also be a learning process for the homeowner to learn how to spot trouble early and save money by making timely repairs.  Roof maintenance is only a problem when you decide to neglect the idea and responsibility that comes with it, but if done correctly, there is no reason that would make roof maintenance painful.  An ending note to also remember is that your roof may only represent 30% of the value of your home, but it protects 100% of your assets.