What to Look For When Re-roofing Your South Florida Condo

While you might like to think your condo roofing will last forever, the truth of the matter is that all roofing systems will eventually begin to fail. Repairs may be able to provide a temporary solution, but eventually it often makes better financial sense to install a new roof. The good news is that there are many cost effective roofing products available for your condo and some may even provide savings on your cooling costs – an important consideration when living in south Florida.

Re-roofing Solutions for Ft Lauderdale Condos

Condominium roofing in Florida often gets put to extreme tests. While you might enjoy Ft Lauderdale’s abundant sunshine, the intense heat can damage your roofing over time. When you add in the occasional torrential rains and high winds, it becomes very important to choose the right material for your condo roofing. Your building’s architectural style can also play an important part in your decision as what might be an excellent product on a pitched roof may not work as well on a low-slope building.

Metal panels, and tile are normally good choices for roof pitches over 4:12, but asphalt shingles may be the best option when operating on a tight budget. If you have a low-slope roof on your building, EPDM membrane can provide budget-friendly protection. However, for a few dollars more, TPO and PVC membranes often last longer and have much stronger seams to prevent water intrusion and wind damage.


Energy Efficient Condo Roofing


Cooling costs are always a concern when living in Florida and choosing the right re-roofing material may be able to provide a little savings in that area of your monthly budget. Regardless of your building style, there are products that can reflect some of Ft Lauderdale’s sunshine away from your roof. GAF estimates that their Timberline Cool Series may be able to lower cooling costs by 7-15 percent or even more in a warmer climate. Metal panels with “cool” technology and white roof coatings for low-slope surfaces can produce similar results for condominium roofing in Florida.


Choosing a Re-roofing Contractor for Your Florida Condo


The material you select is only as good as the contractor who installs it on your roof. Experience with condominium roofing in Florida, an outstanding reputation for customer service, and extensive product knowledge are all traits you should look for when choosing a re-roofing contractor. Rainbow Roofing, one of the leading condo roofing contractors in Ft Lauderdale, gets top grades in all three categories and should receive strong consideration for your re-roofing project.

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