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What to do about a Roof Leak

The team at Rainbow Roofing Solutions are trained professionals, a roof leak can cause serious damage. Here are 3 questions that will help assist you with a roof leak.

  1. Where is the leak? Look for telltale signs of a leaking roof, staining, dampness and in the worst case a puddle, which is not always directly below the damage.  
  2. How to stop the leak – get a professional to investigate the problem.
  3. Why is the roof leaking? Is it wear and tear, damage from a storm or a rodent?

three questions what to do about a roof leak | Rainbow RoofingRainbow Roofing leak

Where is the Leak?

Finding the leak almost always requires a competent professional to inspect the attic or rooftop. Professionals like Rainbow Roofing Solutions will perform a rooftop and attic inspection to determine the location and probable cause of the leak. The repair involves the removal of the tile, shingle or metal to expose the underlying waterproofing layer. A visual inspection of this layer will determine the nature and extent of the work that needs to be performed. If it is not immediately obvious, a water test may also be performed to narrow down the possible location. Once that is complete and the scope is determined, the next step is fixing the leak.

The How and Why of Fixing the Leak.

Typically, a roof leaks due to the deterioration of materials. The most inevitable deterioration is simply due to age, materials that were originally used on your roof have a life expectancy and need to be replaced before they fail. If the materials were recently applied, it is possible that poor workmanship when the roof was initially installed is to blame. Be sure to hire a professional roofing contractor, like Rainbow Roofing Solutions. Lastly, there may be damage from an external source such as a tree branch or windblown debris falling on your roof during a high wind event. After the professional determines why your roof is leaking, the old materials are removed and damaged plywood is replaced as needed. A base layer of asphalt impregnated paper is installed and and if the roof is tiled a cap sheet is installed. Selection of the correct materials which are compatible with the existing roof is crucial to fixing a leak effectively and permanently.

The professionals at Rainbow Roofing Solutions have been repairing and replacing roofs in South Florida for over 30 years. With a list of many thousands of satisfied customers accumulated over the years, you can be sure that Marc Segal and his team will  fix your leak in a professional and permanent manner!


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