Thermoplastic Roofing: When Roof Restoration is a Better Choice than a New Roof

Damp ceiling tiles, wet insulation, and puddles of water on the floor can be enough to make any commercial building owner cringe. Could it really be time for a new roof—how long has it been since this one was installed? Unfortunately Florida’s climate can be tough on many roofing materials and poor installations can also cause a roof to fail early. However, before you start wondering how a new roof is going to fit into this year’s budget, theremay be another option—the restoration of your existing roof.

Restore Your Existing Roof with Thermoplastic Roofing

When there are signs that your roof is beginning to fail, choose a roofing contractor that’s willing to give you some options. Installing a new roof isn’t always necessary—an inspection might indicate that a restoration with Thermoplastic roofing can take care of the problems. While a restoration doesn’t work in every situation, avoiding a new roof may save your company quite a bit of money. The cost of a restoration can vary depending on the materials used and the size of the building, but in many situations it’s about half the price of a whole new roof.

PVC Roofing and TPO Membrane Roofing: They Aren’t Just Patches

If you think that a restoration is just doing a few patches that just postpone the inevitable, think again. Installing PVC roofing or TPO membrane roofing over your existing roofing material renews the entire surface and should keep the inside of your building dry for many years. If budget is an issue, EPDM single ply roofing may also be an option. While the seams of EPDM single ply roofing aren’t quite as strong as those of PVC roofing or TPO membrane roofing, the material should still protect your building for quite some time.

Choose Energy Efficient Roofing for Your Restoration

If you’re thinking about a roof restoration, why not consider using energy efficient roofing materials that may lower your building’s cooling costs. Energy efficient roofing reflects sunlight away from the surface of your roof and contributes to lower interior temperatures. That means your cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard.

And speaking of Florida sunshine, a restoration is only as good as the roofing technicians involved. Look for a restoration contractor that knows the local climate and has many years of experience restoring and installing commercial building roofs.Rainbow Roofing’s outstanding reputation in southern Florida makes them the perfect choice.

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