Some Like it Hot… or Not?

You live in Florida because you love the heat!

What also happens in Florida? Epic rain storms, wind that will knock you off your feet and send grocery carts careening across the parking lot, hurricanes that cause havoc and nasty damage to your roof. Then there are the sweltering temperatures, that roof of yours needs to also keep you cool!

Hot or not the weather is going to get you!

Rainbow Roofing is a flat roof specialist, we offer energy efficient roofing solutions. Now for the technical jargon… thermoplastic, PVC, TPO membrane,…..what???

That is where we come in, we explain all the different options and assist you in making the best energy efficient and cost effective choice for your specific roof.

Yes, the white membrane surface reflects the sun’s UV rays!

Yes, that reflective membrane also extends the roof-lifespan by 50%!   (that’s 2x as long as a black tar roof…)

Yes, it reduces cooling costs on average 25%!

Yes, this provides energy savings for the life of the roof, a gift that keeps on giving!

Our roofing systems are inspected and warrantied by the materials manufacturer for up to 20 years. We stand by our work and have been doing so in Palm Beach, Broward & Dade counties for the last 29 years. Now that’s hot!

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