Getting more life out of an aging roof is a worthy goal, and one that can make a lot of sense when done with solid information and awareness.

If you have a roof on your home or building that’s seen its share of scorching heat, torrential rains and hurricane force winds, the wear and tear needs to be closely examined to determine your best move going forward. When it comes to repairs, the experts at Rainbow Roofing Solutions know that “the proof is in the roof.” We recommend following these rules to make a sound decision in Broward County and Palm Beach County, Florida.

Inspect Regularly. The easiest way to prevent major repairs is regularly scheduled inspections. You also need to be aware of damage that can occur between inspections. After strong winds or heavy rains, have a look at the seals around vents, flashing and chimneys. Any breach in the roof will allow moisture, which can lead to rot and mold. Repairs should be made ASAP to minimize damage.

Know A Pro. Selecting a reputable roofing company takes a bit of work on your part and it’s easier and less stressful to do the vetting before you need repairs than it is when your roof is leaking, and water is pouring in. At a minimum, you want a company that is licensed with the state and adequately insured, particularly for worker’s compensation. You can confirm both license and insurance status at Florida state websites for the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and the Department of Financial Services. Of course, Rainbow Roofing Solutions meets those standards and much more.

Get It In Writing. When the time comes that you do have to engage a roofing company for repairs, make certain the contract spells out just what is and isn’t included. Don’t assume that the materials used will be of the same quality as your existing roof or that any debris created will be removed by the contractor. The long-standing caution of  “get it in writing” still applies.

It’s not easy being a roof in Plantation, Davie, or anywhere else in Broward or Palm Beach County, Florida. For home and building owners considering the merits of repairs, Rainbow Roofing Solutions takes the guesswork out of deciding to “patch it, fix it, or repair it!”