Palm Beach has a well deserved reputation for having some of the most beautiful houses and expensive real estate in Florida, but local home and business owners are still subjected to the state’s sometimes difficult weather. Regardless of your home or commercial building’s size or cost, the only thing protecting it from expensive damage during a storm may be the condition of the roof.

Choosing a Palm Beach Roofing Company for Repairs

Does your roof have any problems? If you’re like most people, you don’t really know. It can be very difficult to tell a roof’s condition from the ground and often requires a trained eye to see potential issues before they cause expensive damage. An experienced technician will give your roof a free inspection and alert you to any problems that need attention before they may turn into major issues.
There are numerous roofing contractors in Palm Beach, but how many can you trust with protecting your home or business? Florida’s weather can be very tough on your roof – strong winds, driving rains, and even the abundant sunshine can prematurely age many types of roofing materials. The local climate can also cause shingles to loosen, low slope membranes to weaken and tear, and many other issues to occur that may lead to costly interior water damage.

Energy Efficient Roofing in Palm Beach

Protecting your home or business from water damage is just one of the issues facing residents of Palm Beach – soaring cooling costs can also be a concern. Did you know that certain types of roofing materials can actually contribute to reducing how hard your air-conditioning system works? White roof coatings can reflect 70 to 80 percent of the sun’s heat away from your home or commercial building’s low-slope roof and if you have a steeper pitched roof, many varieties of the GAF shingles they install are also reflective.