north miami beach roofing servicesAt Rainbow Roofing, we take our roles very seriously when it comes to guiding our customers in the right direction for the type of roofing system that fits best for their residential or commercial property. A roofing system a big and expensive investment, which is why we go that extra mile to help find the most reliable and cost-effective roofing system for our clients depending on their specific wants and needs.

With over 30 years of experience, our team of roofing specialists has earned a leading and trusted reputation in North Miami Beach and throughout the rest of South Florida.

North Miami Beach Roofing Services

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is one of the areas in which our team specializes in. With our knowledge of the various roofing systems, we have the capability of providing expert advice to our clients on which roofing system is the most ideal one for their commercial structure.

Residential Roofing

Residential roofing is another area of expertise for our team of specialists here at Rainbow Roofing. We supply a wide range of materials, styles, sizes, and colors for our clients to choose from when installing or renovating their home’s roofing system. We also maintain a consistent pace when working on your home’s roofing project to ensure it is completed in a timely manner.

Condominium Roofing

Energy-efficient roofing systems are critical for condominium complexes to save on costs and add value to the building. We’re one of South Florida’s leading condominium roofing installation, repair, and replacement companies that offer our clients the highest quality of results.

Roofing Repairs & Emergency Roofing Services

If you end up with a small leak in your roofing system, you will want to reach out to our emergency repair team as quickly as possible. This allows us to come out and fix the issue which prevents any larger issues from arising.

Roofing Restoration And Replacement

There are times when roofs can incur damages that are able to be restored without extensive repairs or an entirely new roofing system. For example, a roof may lose a shingle or become rusted in a specific area. Instead of paying for a full replacement, our team can simply schedule a time to come by and fix the issue at hand.

Should your roof incur natural damages from the average wear and tear over time, the weather, or other things that can lead to the need for a replacement roof, Rainbow Roofing has the necessary experience to assist with helping you decide on the material and style for your replacement roof, as well as with the installation.

Preventative Maintenance 

At Rainbow Roofing, we offer different preventative maintenance programs for your roof. These programs expand the length of time that your roof will last because we are able to catch any potential issues before they become larger and more expensive problems.

Thermoplastic Roofing Systems

Many commercial properties in South Florida have a thermoplastic roofing system. This is because it is much more energy-efficient and cost-effective than the average roofing systems with Florida’s extreme heat, humidity, frequent rainfall, and strong winds.

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