Which part of your home or building gets the most sun? Depending on its orientation and shading, you may think it’s the eastern side as it catches the morning sun when it appears above the horizon. Or perhaps you might guess the western exposure as Florida’s afternoon sun can be extremely intense. Both are good answers, but the part of the structure that actually receives the most sunlight is the roof – especially when it’s a flat configuration.

Energy Efficient Solutions for Roof Repairs in Miami

It’s no secret that summers are hot in Miami and your cooling system probably works overtime in an attempt to keep interior temperatures under control. If your building has an attic, how hot does it get every afternoon during the summer months? Even if there isn’t an unfinished space up there, you can more than likely feel the rise in temperature the closer you get to the upper floors. That heat makes your entire building warmer and can cause your energy usage to soar as your AC kicks into high gear.

This is because most structures in Miami that have flat or low-slope roof configurations have roof membranes that are black or very dark in color. While your roofing membrane may be keeping the interior of your building dry, it’s also absorbing the sun’s heat and contributing to higher cooling costs every summer. When you need roof repairs in Miami, why not choose a material that’s durable, waterproof, and can lower instead of raise your building’s cooling costs: ask your roofing contractor about white roof coatings.

Choose a Miami Roofing Company that Specializes in Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions

In an effort to make their products more eco-friendly, many manufacturers are producing roofing materials that reflect rather than absorb the sun’s heat. These materials are ideal for Miami’s climate and installing them on your building can lower the interior temperature and your annual cooling costs. White roof coatings for flat roofs are estimated to reflect from 70 to 80 percent of the sun’s radiant heat away from the roof surface and there are shingles with similar qualities if you happen to have a pitched roof on your building.

When looking for a Miami Roofing Company, choose a contractor who specializes in energy efficient roofing solutions and has extensive experience in protecting homes and buildings from Florida’s unique climate. Rainbow Roofing, a premier Miami Roofing Company, carries a full line of eco-friendly roofing materials and has been doing repairs and new installations on Florida roofs for over 25 years.