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Did Your Roof Make it Through Another Summer?

We made it through another summer, and boy it’s was a hot one, Florida hot. That means your roof has been subjected to extreme temperatures, high humidity and pounding rain. Additionally, variations between daytime and nighttime temperatures can result in ‘thermal shock’ which causes wear and tear on the roof elements as they expand and contract when temperatures vary …and these assaults on your roof are occurring day after day after day. Can your roof take it?

rainbow.hypeberries.com roofing solutionsIf A/C units are mounted on your roof, the likelihood of water infiltration into the structure is increased. If the refrigerant lines aren’t properly insulated they will sweat or if the condensate drain lines are blocked, the resultant moisture will back up in the system and likely create a leak. If the roof  vents through which the A/C refrigerant lines enter the building are not properly sealed, wind driven rain will create a leaking problem as well.


Why don’t you have Rainbow Roofing Solutions check out your roof to make sure everything up top is ship shape after the past summer’s beating

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