It’s not just about hurricanes…

Its not just about hurricanes!

Tropical storms, there are more of them than hurricanes! A tropical storm can be equally as damaging as a hurricane. We tend to not give them as much credit as a hurricane but their prolonged winds and rains can wreak havoc on your roof. Especially if there are any weak shingles or broken seals up there. Do you know what condition your roof is in before this years storm season starts June 1st? Rainbow Roofing Solutions can help!

At Rainbow we have been helping to prepare commercial and residential roofs for over 30 years, which means we’ve seen all the big storms and know how to calculate and defend your roof. As the season draws near, timing becomes key, don’t wait until the storm is on the horizon call Rainbow Roofing now at 888-788-3716 and we will come out and give you a personalized estimate on the needs of your roof.

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