How to Make Your South Florida Home More Energy Efficient

It’s that dreaded time to pull out the checkbook and start paying bills. No bills are fun to pay; however, the energy bill usually takes the cake as being one of the most feared. Will it be more or less than last month? WOWZERS! Did we leave every light on, while running every appliance, for the entire month?!

So your bill is higher this month, now you’ve got to take action and reduce this cost. Have you ever thought about starting with your roof to become more energy efficient? Reflective roofing products, certified by the Energy Star, are a great way to reduce costs and become more environmentally sound. ENERGY STAR, an innovative government/industry partnership, provides businesses and consumers with energy efficient solutions that save money while protecting the environment for future Generations (

There are several ways to improve on energy efficiency in a house. Take a look at the following tips for reducing costs:

  1. Reflective Roofing – typically white in color to reflect the suns heat and ultraviolet rays. Here are the criteria for Energy Star certified solar reflectance:
    1. Roof Slope Initial solar reflectance 3rd Year solar reflectance
      Low-Slope ( ≤ 2:12 inches) ≥ 0.65 ≥ 0.50
      Steep-Slope ( ≥ 2:12 inches) ≥ 0.25 ≥ 0.15
  1. Windows and Doors – Double and Triple pained windows and doors are a more cost effective way to making your home more energy efficient than a major renovation. Weather stripping for doors to stop drafts is also a good way to cut costs.
  2. Installation – Reduce energy waste with proper insulation. About half of the average household’s energy demand is for heating and cooling. Stop air leakage and add new insulation to reduce your utility bill dramatically. (

Here is a quick way to calculate your estimated annual cooling savings:

  1. Find your current Electricity Cost (chart below)
  2. Multiply Estimated Annual Cooling Savings per Sq Ft by the number of sq ft in your building
  3. Results will be the estimated dollar amount you can save each year by becoming more energy efficient through the steps above.
Electricity Cost Per Killowatt HourEstimated Annual Cooling Savings Per Square Foot

Example: Current Electricity Cost = $0.07 per kilowatt hour
Building Size = 67,000 square feet.
Estimated Annual Savings = 67,000 x 0.192 = $12,864.00

*Savings may vary based on location, thermostat comfort settings, building occupancy period, electric demand charges, insulation levels, and other factors.*

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