How to Find a Good Residential Roofer in South Florida

The time to find a South Florida residential roofer is actually before you need one. Our South Florida summers can be especially hard on roofs and when you toss in the occasional tropical storm it’s almost a sure bet that a Florida home roofing company will be a part of your life at some point in time.

When you start thinking about roof repairs is the time when you should start building a short list of qualified contractors. Don’t wait until a storm has ripped off tiles and water is pouring in.

Because of the demand there is a boatload of roofing companies to choose from; but like any industry there are the good and the not so good. In fact after a big storm, outsiders often arrive who can be outright scams.

So to help you select a qualified South Florida residential roofer we are offering up these quick tips:

  • Licensed. In Florida roofing companies have to be licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). Ask for the license number which you can then verify on the DBPR site.
  • Insured. Obviously you want a contractor with adequate insurance coverage including workman’s compensation. Ask to see a certificate of insurance and then call the issuing agency to make certain the insurance is still in force. If a contractor has no work comp coverage and an employee or subcontractor is injured, you could be on the hook for that employee’s medical damages.
  • Competent. Ask for references. What you want are examples of work performed in the last 6 months on homes with identical roofing systems as your own. Call those references and see how easy the roofer was to work with. Check the Better Business Bureau for unresolved complaints and then you might want to Google the company name and see what other reviews are available.
  • Terms and Conditions. Get a sample of the roofer’s contract and make sure it details out specifically what work will be done, the quality of materials, clean up and when payments are due.

Once you’ve identified two or three quality roofers then it’s just a question of price and time. Having a pre-qualified residential roofer will save you money, ensure that you get real value and eliminate the stress of working with an unknown contractor.

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