Older commercial roofs can transfer up to 80% of the sun’s heat directly into the interior. That makes air conditioning systems work harder and longer to maintain interior temps which results in skyrocketing electric bills especially during the long, hot summer months.

That’s the bad news. The good news is, since your old roof was installed, there have been significant advances in energy efficient roofing materials that can dramatically decrease the transfer of heat from the roof’s surface to the inside space. These sustainable new-age ‘Cool Roof’ materials are available in Broward County and Palm Beach County, Florida for both pitched and flat roofs.

If your business operates out of an older building and you’re concerned about rising energy bills, the experts at Rainbow Roofing Solutions have a few ideas on how you can cut costs.

Get A Roof Inspection. You can’t make an informed decision without knowing the condition of your roof. A Rainbow Roofing Solutions technician can do a detailed inspection and analysis and go over available options with you to meet your objective and budget.

Think Cool. Whether shingles, coatings or membranes, the biggest improvement in roofing materials is their outstanding ability to reflect the sun’s heat back into the atmosphere. Some materials can reflect more than 80%, of the sun’s UV which is heat you otherwise would have had to pay to cool. If you decide that you need to restore or replace your roof, we can help you select the optimum ‘Cool Roof’ materials for your particular system.

Go Solar. Adding roof-top solar panels to generate electricity does not work for all roofing configurations, but if they can be used, you will be surprised at how short the payback time is. Advances in technology and government incentives make solar panels a very real option for some buildings and a way to reduce your carbon footprint and FPL bill at the same time.

Your roof is the first line of defense against South Florida’s blazing summer heat. If it’s old and inadequately protected, you could end up paying a lot more for cooling outdoor air that’s impacting your indoor environment. To keep the building cool and boost energy savings, call Rainbow Roofing Solutions and let’s explore the options.