Get an FPL Rebate for Installing a New Energy Efficient Roofing System

There are a number of good reasons to retrofit a new energy efficient roofing system in your commercial building or planned new construction. Energy efficient roofing technologies like white reflective roofing can save you money over time by lowering your energy bills. This is especially true if you currently have an inefficient worn-out roofing system. A new roofing system may also help you to meet building codes, get lower rates on insurance and receive rebates through Florida Power & Light.

FPL Incentive Program for Installing Reflective Roofing

When you save on your energy bills, you have more to invest in your business. That’s why so many companies take advantage of FPL incentives programs that help them enjoy energy efficient roofing improvements and long-term savings. FPL’s Business Building Envelope Program can help you pay for the installation a white reflective roofing system. You can receive a rebate of up to $0.50 per square foot of reflective roofing by installing light-colored metal roofs, rubber-like or thermoplastic reflective membranes or reflective coatings that are Energy Star compliant. A roofing system is compliant when the existing solar reflectance of your roof is 40% and the retrofit application reflects at least 73% of the sun’s heat. Light-colored metal roofs must reflect at least 65%. (Information provided by FPL)

Installing a Reflective Roofing System

At Rainbow Roofing we’ve been installing reflective roofing systems in Miami, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale for over 25 years. Our expert technicians are licensed, insured and qualified to install new roofing and perform roof replacement in all types of situations. As a flat roof specialist we offer a series of energy efficient thermoplastic roofing solutions including PVC and TPO membrane roofing. When you choose a roofing solution through Rainbow you are making an investment in a sustainable technology that will reduce the operational cost of your building through energy savings and FPL rebates.

If you are looking for roofing contractors, Fort Lauderdale has a number to choose from but few who can match our service and expertise when it comes to energy efficient roofing. Call us today for an estimate.