Commercial Roofing Palm Beach

If you are a commercial property owner and your roof is showing signs of trouble your first thought may be to call a Palm Beach roofer for a quote on repairs. But before you panic we would advise you to call several and we would recommend that you be selective in who you call. Not all roofing firms are qualified to work on the typical commercial roof.

if your building is like so many in Palm Beach it has a flat roof. Flat roofs take a beating from our summer sun, torrential rains and hurricane strength winds. The installation, coatings, membranes and other materials used on flat roofs differ significantly from the tiles and shingles used on pitched residential roofs. If you want your roof’s condition professionally assessed you want to invite a Palm Beach roofer who has the experience and qualifications to work on commercial flat roofs.

Of course we would like for you to call us. Rainbow Roofing has over 25 years of experience working on commercial roofs and has become the “go to” Palm Beach roofer for many businesses. We have become one of Florida’s premier Green Roofing contractors by offering our customers the most advanced energy efficient roofing technologies along with uncompromising service.

Palm Beach commercial roofing solutions that make sense

When you find those water stains on the ceiling or down the side of a wall you know you have a roofing problem but you don’t know just how serious it is. Rainbow Roofing understands that a leaky roof does not necessarily call for a new roof. In some cases a roof can be restored extending the life of the original roof and adding new energy efficient coatings that can potentially reduce energy costs. Rainbow Roofing is famous for its white reflective coatings that can deflect up to 80% of the sun’s heat.

We will provide you with a free roof inspection performed by one of our seasoned professional technicians who will then make recommendations based on your objectives. We will present options and explain the pros and cons of each allowing the client to make an informed decision. Each roofing project we do is custom tailored to fit the client’s requirements.

If you know your building is in need of roof repairs why not give us a call at 888-788-3716 and schedule your free roof inspection now.