Florida Power and Light Rebates and Your Condo Roofing

The Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) is helping to ensure your condo is as energy efficient as possible by teaming up with qualified roofing contractors in Ft Lauderdale to make homeowners aware of their eco-friendly roofing material options. Choosing the right product for your condominium roofing in Florida can lower your monthly cooling costs and may make you eligible for FPL rebates.


What are FPL Rebates?


If you choose a roofing material for your condominium roofing in Florida that is Energy Star rated or meets the Cool Roofing Rating Council’s (CRRC) standards, you may be eligible for a rebate from FPL. The rebates are $325 per condo, which is on top of the estimated $200 annual savings you may earn by using energy efficient roofing. The $200 savings is based on energy costs of 12 cents per kilowatt-hour.


What Condominium Roofing in Florida Qualifies?


Regardless of your condo’s architectural style and roof design, there are roofing materials available that can qualify for the FPL rebates program. If you have a pitched roof, many shingle, metal, and tile manufactures offer numerous selections that work to reflect the sun’s heat off of your roof where it can heat up your attic space and cause your cooling system to work overtime. Condos with low slope roofs can qualify for the program by using light coated cement, white roof coatings, or other products that meet Energy Star or CRRC standards.

If you need help getting started, contact a Participating Independent Contractor (PIC) that is working with FPL to help condo owners in Ft Lauderdale make their homes as energy efficient as possible.


Finding PIC Roofing Contractors in Ft Lauderdale


The FPL maintains a list of PIC roofing contractors in Ft Lauderdale on their website, but keep in mind that making the list only means that the contractors have agreed to comply with the program standards. You should still verify roofing contractors’ references, years of experience, licensing, insurance levels, and warranties. One of the best methods for ensuring a wide selection of roofing materials that qualify for FPL rebates and a high quality installation is to choose one of the premier roofing contractors in Ft Lauderdale such as Rainbow Roofing that are participating in the program.

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