Fixing a leak is simple - Rainbow Roofing
It’s not always certain that a leak is coming from the roof. After inspecting the building’s interior to determine that the moisture infiltration is coming from above, contact a qualified contractor to perform a roof inspection. Be aware that having untrained personnel attempt fixing a leak could result in additional damage and may void a Manufacturer or Installer Warranty. Rainbow Roofing Solutions offers a comprehensive Maintenance Program which would make it easier to proactively locate and repair minor issues before they become major ones. So, significantly reduce your chances of ever having a leak by putting a formal roof maintenance roof program in place. However, should a leak occur, Rainbow Roofing Solutions’  24/7 emergency service can handle it.
Our trained experts look for clogged roof drains and gutters, displaced tiles or shingles and uneven settled areas that have ponding water. If you have a single-ply or modified bitumen membrane roof we will inspect the flashings and seams and look for blisters or wrinkles. Parapet wall or roof edge flashings as well as metal coping caps and metal edge flashings are also closely inspected for potential defects.
Leaks are a nuisance but Rainbow Roofing Solutions can make that bothersome issue right as rain…. Call Marc or Betty at 888-788-3716 or email to discuss the benefits of joining the Preventative Maintenance Program and be ahead of the rain in keeping your roof watertight!