Five Things to Know Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

When dealing with contractors of any kind, it’s important to gather as much information about them as you can before deciding who you will hire to do the job.

Here is a list of the 5 most important things to know before hiring a roofing contractor.


1. Does the Roofing company have a Certified Contractors License?

The State of Florida requires a Certified Contractor to demonstrate extensive industry knowledge in order to obtain a coveted roofing license. This insures you, the customer, of a minimum standard of expertise so that when you do hire a Certified Roofing Contractor you can be sure you are dealing with a creditable professional.


2. How long has the company been in business?

Roofers come and roofers go…. taking what they know about your roof and your money with them. Even worse, a gone-tomorrow roofer can make your warranty worthless, not to mention the havoc caused if they should disappear in the middle of your project. havoc caused if he should disappear in the middle of your project. Be sure that you are dealing with a contractor that has been around long enough to have developed a reputation in the marketplace for dependability which can be verified.


3. Can the Contractor provide references?

We all want as many people to know when we have done a good job. While not every reference will be 5 stars your Contractor should be happy to provide you with names and numbers of customers he has previously done work for


4. Does the Contractor handle problems in a professional manner?

A quick and easy method to check the credentials of your contractor is to search his license for any type of complaint. is a useful website for this purpose. Knowing how your Contractor conducts himself when problems pop up is a strong measure of his commitment to your satisfaction


5.  Is the Contractor qualified to handle your project?

It is always useful to ask specific questions of the Contractor and judge by his response whether he leaves you with an impression that he knows what he is talking about. Vague answers to specific questions is a red flag that the Contractor will likely ‘wing-it’ and in so doing not perform the work in a proper manner

Remember, knowing these Five basic things before you hire a Contractor will go a long way in ensuring your project is performed in an effective and professional manner.

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