Reflective Roofing is Energy Efficient


What color is your roof?

You know how hot it gets in south Florida, sun beating down.

All. Day. Long.

Why don’t cars turn into puddles of molten steel and rubber after sitting in a parking lot all day? Think how your roof feels! If you own a roof in south Florida, consider this…

Older roofing products often absorb the sun’s heat and cause your cooling systems to work overtime to overcome the increased temperatures in attics and on upper floors. Luckily, today’s roofing manufacturers have created several types of energy efficient roofing materials that can help reflect the sun’s heat away from your home or building which will contribute to lower energy usage during the hot Florida summer!

Condos, commercial buildings and even some homes have a vast expanse of low slope roofs covered with black rubber membrane that acts as a magnet for the sun’s heat. White reflective roofing is an energy efficient alternative for these roofs and naturally absorbs much less heat than darker products and reflects away many of the sun’s rays. Many products have earned Energy Star ratings from the Department of Energy and may qualify your building for a rebate from the Florida Power and Light Company.


Installation is the next step in an energy efficient white roof, be sure you use a certified and licensed roofing contractor. Call Marc at Rainbow Roofing 888-788-3716, for a free estimate today…before the summer heats up!



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