There is a big movement to introduce bee hives into urban areas by creating apiaries on the roofs of high-rise buildings all over the world. We’ve all heard about the plight of honey bees and it’s good to know someone somewhere is doing something about it.

London has seen a 220% increase in beekeepers between 1999-2012. New York, Paris, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Shanghai and Toronto are just some of the cities that now boast urban bee hives on rooftops.

Founding Farmers Restaurant in DC teamed up with neighboring George Washington University, which has 13 hives on its roofs.The initial pollution worries are foundless because the bees clean out toxins. Eating local honey can also help with food allergies. The benefits are endless.So once Rainbow Roofing Solutions gets your new roof in order, here is a new hobby to try! (For more buzzzz, check out the Rainbow Blog!)