deerfield beach commercial roofingAt Rainbow Roofing, we provide professional and trusted commercial roofing services in Deerfield Beach and throughout the rest of South Florida. We aim to provide our clients with the most competitive rates available, along with financing and warranty options where applicable to best serve our clients.

One of the most important areas for us is to ensure our team members are thoroughly trained and experienced and that our quality of work is held to the highest standards possible. We also are sure to only use top-quality materials, tools, and other equipment when installing commercial roofs or performing any other type of commercial roofing service.

Professional Commercial Roofing In Deerfield Beach

For over 30 years, Rainbow Roofing has earned a stellar reputation in the roofing industry. This is because we are dedicated to finding the most cost-effective and dependable roofing solutions for whatever our clients require. Living in South Florida, one way in which we can help our commercial property owners with their roofing costs is by installing energy-efficient roofs. One way that we accomplish this is to install a reflective coating that helps keep the interior cooler, which saves on cooling costs down the road.

There are many other ways in which we can help companies save on energy costs while, at the same time, aim to “go green” for the better of the environment. Some of the most popular commercial roofing systems that we specialize in installing, repairing, or replacing include:

Single Ply Roof Membrane Systems

This type of system is ideal for commercial buildings and condominiums. This system is comprised of multiple layers of barriers and insulation, put together with welded membranes made of hot air. This type of system is both lightweight and recyclable. In addition, our team specializes in the installation of these systems, so the process is usually completed in a timely manner. It’s also known to provide a great return on investment.

High-Tech Efficient Roofing Systems

Most of our projects for our commercial clients are built with this type of roofing system. This type of system is actually made within a factory-controlled environment to avoid errors and mistakes. In addition, there are no asphalt fumes or emissions emitted with the thermoplastic roofing systems. This type of system lasts much longer than the average roofing system because it is built with the latest technology in heat fusion and roof sheets, instead of glue and tar – which falls apart over time and can lead to a great deal of potential damage. With this type of system, we offer a 20-year warranty for all of our commercial clients.

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Our team of experts at Rainbow Roofing is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations when it comes to our customer service, quality of work, and ongoing support. Contact one of our specialists if you have a need for commercial roofing services including installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement.

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