Condominium Roofing

Rainbow Roofing Solutions is Miami & Ft. Lauderdale’s Most Respected Condominium Roofing Contractor. South Florida is exposed to extreme weather conditions during the summer months and while we all might enjoy Ft. Lauderdale’s sunshine, the intense heat, the torrential downpours and high winds make the correct choice of the roofing material for your condo building very important.

Cooling costs are also a concern. Regardless of your building style, there are products that are designed to reflect a significant amount of Ft Lauderdale’s sunshine away from your roof. We’ve helped many condominium owners to substantially reduce their energy bills by installing only the most innovative energy efficient white reflective roofing technologies. As a flat roof specialist we offer a series of energy saving thermoplastic roofing solutions including PVC and TPO membrane roofing for condominiums.

Rainbow Roofing Solutions has experience in condominium roofing and specializes in the prescribed county 40 year certification inspections. Rainbow Roofing Solutions has been installing energy efficient roofing in condominium complexes throughout South Florida with precision since 1985. Call Marc at 888-788-3716 or email

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