Florida’s Top Roof Restoration Company

If you have an older building you can expect your roof to suffer damage over time as a matter of normal wear and tear. And if your building is in South Florida you are also faced with severe storms that routinely damage roofs beyond repair. In both of these cases you will find Florida roofing contractors that will try to convince you that a total re-roofing is your only option. That is not what Rainbow Roofing Solutions is all about. If we can help you to avoid the expense and inconvenience of a total roof replacement we will. We specialize in thermoplastic roofing including PVC roofing and TPO membrane roofing technologies. These technologies allow us to quickly restore your damaged roof with an energy efficient roofing system for roughly half the cost of a total replacement. That’s part of the “Rainbow Experience.”

Roof Restoration is a complete renewal of the entire roof. At Rainbow Roofing Solutions we have a professional trained restoration team that is experienced in identifying and renovating any significant issues. Before we start any restoration we perform a comprehensive roof inspection. An expertly trained technician will visit your building to perform an assessment. Using moisture sensitive diagnostic equipment they can determine the extent of any damage and make a recommendation. We perform this exhaustive roof inspection as a courtesy to our customers. After you receive our diagnosis you are still under no obligation. If you have your roof restored by us you can expect a comprehensive repair of your roof system that can dramatically extend the life of your roof.

Through our commitment to service and passion for innovative technologies we have been satisfying customers for over 25 years. If you are looking for roofing contractors Florida has a number to choose from but few who can match our service and expertise. Call us today for an estimate.