Florida Residential Roofing Construction

We’ve been working with architects and developers to install the most energy efficient roofing for buildings and private homes which has made us one of the leading tile roofing contractors in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beaches for over 30 years. Our highly skilled technicians have installed the many styles and types of tile roofing on homes and buildings of all sizes and architectural designs. Whether your project is new construction, minor repairs, or total replacement of an existing roof, Rainbow Roofing has been the choice of informed customers as their premier Florida roofing company.

Why You Should Choose Rainbow as Your Florida Roofing Contractor

Rainbow Roofing understands the responsibility that goes along with being one of the premier tile roofing contractors in Florida – that’s why our initial roof inspections are free and you’ll always receive first-rate customer service while your project is underway and once it’s complete. Rainbow Roofing never subs out roofing installations to other contractors. We have the experience to determine the best roofing product for your  South Florida home.

Energy Efficient Roofing Systems

South Florida home owners who have lived in the state for any length of time know that their roofs can often be subjected to extreme weather conditions – high winds and torrential rain are a part of life in our tropical climate. So when choosing a roof coating for your structure, what characteristics should the material have? Whether you have a pitched residential style roof, flat roof, low-slope surface, the ability to keep your home dry and remain in place during strong winds are important.

Then there is the South Florida sun and the impact it can have on your cooling costs – is there an energy efficient roofing material that can help with that issue? The best solution to deciding which roof covering might be best for you is to consult with us. Through our commitment to service and passion for innovative technologies Rainbow Roofing has been satisfying customers since 1985.

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