Commercial Roofing Material Product Recommendations From Ft. Lauderdale’s Best Roofer

Commercial roofing is a $3.5 billion industry in North America that defines the livelihood of more than 68,000 roofing contractors, over 250,000 of manufacturing employees that produce roofing products, and the distributors that carry these products”, according to this post from rnrmarketresearch.

It’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of commercial roofing products in the market in order to choose the best product for your building.

Depending on your needs and the climate you’re in, Rainbow Roofing recommends these commercial roofing materials:

TPO—Thermoplastic material is one of the most popular choices today.

EPDM—synthetic rubber made of propylene, ethylene, and other chemical compounds.

Built-up—made by layering felt and bituments, which are a combination of asphalt and coal tar, in various layers.

In addition to material choices, it is important to take into consideration budget, slope of roof and weather when choosing material for a commercial roofing job.

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