boca raton roofing companyIf you are in need of roofing services for your home or business, Rainbow Roofing Solutions provides professional roofing services in Boca Raton and throughout South Florida.

Commercial Roofing

As a business owner or property owner, you are well aware of just how important the roof is for your particular structure. For one, a roof is an element that protects employees, customers, equipment, furniture, and much more. And, two, the roof is one of the first things a customer will see on the exterior, so the appearance of your roof is a reflection of your company as well.

Rainbow offers professional and dependable commercial roofing services, including installation, repair, and replacement. We only use the most up-to-date techniques and advanced tools and materials to ensure your roof can withstand severe weather and other forms of damage.

Our team of experts can handle any project – no job is too small or too large for us. So, whether you own a small boutique store or oversee a large manufacturing facility, our specialists have got you covered.

Residential Roofing

When you are working on your home’s new roof, you want to be sure that the new roofing system to be installed is one of top-quality and will last for quite a long time.

At Rainbow Roofing, we want you to have that beautiful, durable, and safe roof that you are looking for. We have over 30 years of experience in helping residents all over Boca Raton and the surrounding areas with roofing services.

Condominium Roofing Services

Condominium owners often face an issue when energy bills become too high, and this could be because of their current roof structure. At Rainbow Roofing, we have helped many condominium owners dramatically reduce their energy bills through the installation of energy-efficient and innovative roofing systems. One of the techniques we often use is implementing white reflective roofing technologies.

Emergency Roof Repair

When a roof starts to leak or severe weather causes damages to the roofing system, it’s important to act fast to avoid even more damages or risk the safety of those inside. At Rainbow Roofing, we offer emergency roofing services should anything urgent, like a leak, occur.

Roof Restoration

Unlike a complete roof replacement, roof restoration is typically much simpler. This process involves thoroughly cleaning the existing roof, and then adding two coats of silicone on top of the roof’s material. The silicone coating helps to prevent water from leaking through to the interiors of the building, but still remains flexible despite Florida’s hot and humid temperatures and frequent rainfall.

Roof Replacement

It is only natural for one’s roof to eventually witness wear and tear over time. It’s important to contact an experienced roofing company as soon as possible to conduct an analysis of the damage. If the roof fails to do its job, you are putting yourself, your loved ones, and your valuables at risk.

The good news is that Rainbow Roofing has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide full roof replacements. We have a range of different roofing options available as well, so you will be sure to find the exact style and material you are looking for.

New Construction Roof Installations

When you are building a new home or building from the ground up, the roofing system is one of the most crucial parts to ensuring the structure’s stability and protection from any severe weather or other potential hazards. At Rainbow Roofing, we work with you from start to finish to determine the ideal roofing system for your home or building that fits within your budget and meets your preferences.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

As mentioned above, your roofing system will be susceptible to normal wear and tear as the years go on. This is especially true for those of us who live in South Florida because of the severe weather and humidity that we see quite frequently. On top of natural hazards that can damage your roof, you can also see a shorter lifespan for your roof if it was installed poorly initially or if you do not complete the necessary ongoing cleaning and maintenance.

This is why we offer a range of preventative maintenance programs at Rainbow Roofing so that your roof’s lifespan will be extended, and so that you will save on costs in the long haul.

Free Roof Inspections

One of the major benefits of working with Rainbow Roofing is that we provide free roof inspections for any issues or upgrades. We use top-of-the-line equipment to assess any damage and provide a thorough report detailing these damages for you at no additional charge.

At Rainbow Roofing, all of our specialists are thoroughly trained, certified, and licensed to offer exceptional roofing services for both residential and commercial properties in South Florida. We provide the most reliable, energy-efficient roofing systems available for each and every one of our customers. With over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry, you can count on us for all of your commercial roofing and residential roofing needs.

Contact us today for a consultation on our Boca Raton roofing services.