6 Common Roof Warnings

You’ll need a pair of binoculars but take a look on your roof for these problems and contact Rainbow Roofing if you find one of the warning signs listed.
Lead Flashing- This is the material used around plumbing vents and pipes and is a prime spot for water leaks.If looks worn or damaged this is going to cause a problem.

Rodent Screens- All plumbing vents and pipes should be fitted with a metal rodent screen. If not, critters will have access to your attic.

Soffit- This is the underside of an overhang and the place where the birds and the bees like to nest. If there are holes or an appearance of rotting, small animals and insects will be drawn to that area causing a significant nuisance issue

Fascia- This is the front board ‘trim’ just below the roof line. If it is soft or rotted,it should be replaced to prevent water from damaging the soffit below.

Gutter- Leaves, leaves and more leaves. Water should flow freely in the gutters to prevent buildup which will result in roof leaks.

Shingles/Tiles- Missing shingles or tiles will expose the layers of roofing below to the elements and subject to damage from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Before you choose a roofing company to help you resolve these and any other issues, look for these qualifications:

  • awareness of local building Codes
  • valid credentials including a BBB endorsement
  • a complaints free State Roofing License
  • offer of a prepared contract with scope of work

Rainbow Roofing has been helping people in south Florida for over 30 years, our history shows that we are reliable, responsible and relationship driven. Call Marc Segal at Rainbow 888-788-3716 for a detailed contract for your roofing needs.

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