5 More Things You NEED to Know Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Five More Things to Know Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

When dealing with Contractors of any kind, it’s important to gather as much information about them as you can before deciding who to hire to do the job. As a follow up to my original article, here is a list of 5 more things to know before making that all important decision.

1. Does the roofing contractor have a reputation for paying attention to quality?
A reputation for quality is easily verified especially in today’s world where social media and the internet play such a large role in our everyday lives. Take the time to search out credible references on the contractor, check out the CILB’s website for information on the contractor’s license and ask the contractor for names and numbers of references you can speak with. Due diligence goes a long way in deciding whom to hire for your job.

2. Can the contractor handle all aspects of your project?
It is not safe to assume that every contractor is capable of handling different aspects of your project in a competent manner. Simple roof repairs often involve investigative skills to determine exact cause of leaks. Without the necessary skills, the repair may just deal with the symptom of the problem and not get to the cause. Remember, there are no “stupid questions” so don’t be afraid to ask for details on how the contractor plans to approach the problem. The answers given will often give you that intuitive feeling as to whether the contractor really knows what he is talking about.

3. Does the contractor stand behind his work?
A job done well will always makes each of us proud. But how far a contractor is willing to back that up will give you a fair indication as to whether or not the job will be completed in an effective manner. While roof repairs may not last forever, if done properly they should last for a reasonable period of time. Rainy season is nature’s test of quality workmanship, especially when it comes to roofing. A contractor should be willing to warrant his work through at least the first rainy season after completion.

4. Is the contractor familiar with current and green technologies?
Environmentally friendly and energy efficient products are more common in our world than ever before, and this applies to the industry of roofing no less. A contractor who has the knowledge and expertise with these products can be a great asset in transforming a routine repair or replacement into long term cost savings. Dealing with a contractor who has no knowledge of green choices means you may be missing out. Ask the questions and listen carefully to the answers from your contractor to determine whether he has the required expertise to help you save money.

5. Is the contractor in good standing within the Roofing Licensing Board?
A sure way to know more about a contractor you are considering hiring is to check for complaints or any other issues registered against his license. Simply log in to MyFlorida.com and search the contractor by name or company.

Remember, knowing these additional five things before you hire a contractor will go a long way in ensuring your project is performed by a qualified contractor, properly licensed and well thought of by his customers.

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